Anthology of Yiddish Poetry
of Poland between the two
World Wars (1918 - 1939)

אַנטאָלאָגיע פון דער ײִדישער פּאָעזיע
אין פּוילן צווישן ביידע וועלט מלחמות
(1918 - 1939)

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This site presents a selection of the Yiddish poetry of Poland from the golden period between the two world wars. Sound recordings are mostly by native Yiddish speakers. Translations are into English Polish and French.  NB For a comparison of Warsaw and Bialystok versions of Yiddish, go to sister site YISROEL SHTERN for the long poem Friling in Shpitol. 

Founded in Melbourne Australia by Andrew Firestone, the site uses the services of Yiddish poetry readers and translators worldwide.

 The Editor is Alex Dafner. He can be reached at                                                

Illustration opposite:
frontispiece: Shirim, 1920 Vilna, by Moyshe Kulbak.

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